Submissions? Submit your letters here? I don’t know.
Not sure how exactly to make it work. Just an idea.


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  1. Walt Etheman

    I miss the ocean.

    It seems simple enough, that statement, but it hides multitudes. I miss the vast expanses, the rolling columns of endlessly generated waves, the most solid promise ever kept by a satellite. Thanks, moon. I miss the sand or rock or silty mud, the waters warm or bitter, the things we carry there or back again. I miss the possibilities. Languorous days on a beach versus vigor in the back of a listing boat. And what will wash ashore?

    The ocean in your neighborhood reminds you that mystery is ever present, that certainty may be a steady illusion but that–well, something.

    I lost track of where I was going, and the ocean probably reminds us of that too, of dulled memories, and that um…uh….the ocean isn’t just a big watery canyon full of salt water! It….it has kelp! And lobsters! And…uh, other things.

    Okay, I do miss the ocean, but it’s late and I want some cereal. Also, it looks like I have a lot of reading to do.


    This concludes Ocean Thoughts™.

    1. epistolographer Post author

      I am immediately curious: what kind of cereal?

      Ah. Thanks for the letter. In all seriousness, you do sound like a friend of mine- though, I suppose you could only be one of about five people. I have to be honest. Your excessive use of elipses was a key narrowing factor in my mind. Unless, of course, you are genuinely that random sixth person I’ve never actually met- in which case, cheers, good to… uh, meet you.

      This page. I thought it might be great to publish other people’s letters as part of the main blog. Companionates to my own posts like ‘From Jacob: A letter from Los Angeles’ or ‘From Lucia: A letter from Columbia’ or ‘From Matthew: A letter from Vietnam.’ Submissions would include photographs- because it’s my website, and I say so. The page might also become some kind of Contents Table / Index page with links to the previous letter posts written by each author that this website would eventually publish. For tonight- obviously, a squint at two silly modern letters will do.

      Does that make sense? I don’t know. Those are just thoughts- and I suddenly have a hankering for Shredded Wheat.

      estimations & elipses,

        1. epistolographer Post author

          Matthew! Nothing would make me happier. I think I replied to the person above shortly after reading your longest letter from Hanoi. I read it twice and the second time through an image flashed in my mind of it plainly laid out on the screen before me- I saw it all in paragraphs and those photos on the train. I couldn’t help it. Wonderful. I knew that letter and those moments were wonderful- and worth sharing. Yes. You can be my travel writer. Of course, I have to pay you in postcards, poetry and peanuts. Actually I just remembered I have a pressed penny from the Volcano National Park I never mailed to you. But I don’t believe in writing for pressed pennies. Forgive me. I’m rambling. It’s the hour. And perhaps all the hours before it. This is exciting. Yes. Worth trying.


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