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(steve) JOBS


you took away my last bookstore
it was You or that eight year Republican administration
callouses of financial markets or the friendly Walmart greeter
but I forgive you
bespectacled innovator oracle extraordinaire
running your delivery truck on the information super highway
windows rolled down for every drive
and honestly, I’d read enough of the Classics

I was processing your whole life stored
at the top story of the Academy of Arts building
in San Francisco, a home for City Lights
it was you and me and the shadows cast by our streetlight
before we got booted
out of our corresponding board rooms
for paperless slips
while constantly preparing to step down

now we belong to a fourth generation
and 21st Century Love is a touch screen
a stainless device
a link we copied, the highlight of living
before we paste away
I was still hoping you would
show me a resolution not too far from Eden’s tree
and some application

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