I wrote most of Braijenn before I turned 20- before I let college change my ideas about fantasy, grammar, plot and what real characters might say to each other. I wanted to write a book for airplanes and airports. I wanted that feeling of transit- or I wanted to take those transitory feelings and apply it to worlds and how we connect to one another. Of course, I was a teenager- so I also wanted it to be about love and art. When I read it now, I am surprised by how steady the tone of it is. I sound completely certain that I know how the world works. It wouldn’t be terrible to feel that way again.

~ Brian’s Letter ~
~ chapter 1 ~
~ chapter 2 ~
~ chapter 3 ~
~ chapter 4 ~
~ chapter 5 ~


*original photo by Kelly Jackson

~ chairs ~
~ barstools ~
~ tables ~
~ lamps ~
~ desks ~
~ windows ~






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