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2014 summer playist

Dear Summer 2014,

I feel a lack of understanding flare against the whole sunny afternoon. The horizon still refuses to bend when a question isn’t answered, though obviously, there’s no harm in asking everyday, everynight with light interest. I think about lovers crossing countries and continents on boats and trains just to spend a few months together. I find myself thinking it might be good to travel somewhere just to stand in front of a particular artifact, or someplace like Venice that some people say will soon be gone, gone, gone. It’s nice to dream about the future, though it feels a lot like I am talking backwards through daydreams. I’m losing a rock paper scissors game with the long season and I sincerely wish I understood the strange wars of that summer feeling.

love and refrains,


PAUL (muldoon)


the moon is a pirate hook
forget about Bin Laden
Orwell never knew him
forget about Simon & McCartney
and get in line to save Muldoon
from 600 poems a week!
I read somewhere
He reads somewhere

the sun curves on a saber
we will keep from rising in the East
you forget Neruda and Picasso
how to interpret their language
I forget what cannons say
what message arises from tombs
God is your burning Bush
God is your New King’s Translation

the stars turn like fallen men
we are all Newman
there is nothing to Revere
except some shorter hem and haw
in Sarah’s purse for some make-up
the Pope absolves in so many words
the dimes I took from Peter
for debts I’ve already forgotten

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